The IoT Alliance Australia is the peak Australian IoT body


Our vision is to empower industry to grow Australia's competitive advantage through IoT.


To accelerate IoT innovation and adoption by:

  • Activating and supporting collaboration across industry, government, research and communities;
  • Promoting enabling, evidence-based policy and regulation; and
  • Identifying strategic opportunities for economic growth and social benefit.

OUR objectives

Our key objectives are to:

1.    Drive sound, evidence based input from industry into appropriate policy and regulation for IoT in Australia;

2.    Recognise, understand and drive the national growth strategy underpinned by IoT enabling technologies, across key sectors of the Australian economy where Australia enjoys a competitive advantage; and

3.    Promote collaboration at all levels including (but not limited to) between industry and Government, across the SME community, start-ups and investors, between service providers and problem/opportunity owners.


Read more in our Position Paper: Seizing the Internet of Things Opportunity for Australia

Australian organisations view IoT as being “transformational” with Asia Pacific representing 38.4% of spend in 2019.
— IDC's worldwide IoT Market forecast update, 2015-2019

IoT Alliance Australia's overarching principles and aims

  • Maintain an open and transparent      dialogue with industry and other stakeholders.
  • Behave in a socially responsible  and ethical way at all times.
  • Encourage industry interoperability and seek collaboration based on secure and open IoT solutions
  • Encourage the growth of and innovation within the IoT industry in Australia and internationally
  • Encourage the development of a national IoT strategy to position Australia to harness the benefits of the IoT, with industry and government effectively working together.
  • Be self-funding.