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Benefits of membership

Membership of the IoTA Alliance confers a range of benefits:

  • Collaboration opportunities with Australian and global companies addressing IoT issues in Australia
  • Participation in IoTAA events and activities, such as showcase demonstrations and State of the Nation
  • Access to workstream materials and outputs such as the latest papers on data sharing and security
  • Access to the information repository of each workstream
  • Benefit of association with the IoTAA brand, its profile, visibility and reach
  • Opportunity to contribute to education and awareness programs for IoT
  • Opportunities to present and position your company at events
  • Opportunities to influence and develop policy and regulation enabling or inhibiting IoT deployment.

How to join

  1. Identify the focus of your interest by reviewing the twelve workstreams
  2. Email hello(AT)iot(DOT)org(DOT)au with your workstream preference, name and company
  3. You will be included in the workstream membership mailing list
  4. You will, in due course, be emailed an invitation to the next workstream meeting.

IOTAA Participants

Participants are drawn from a wide cross-section of industry (agriculture, transport, utilities and cities), and includes service providers, vendors, consultants and suppliers in the IoT space.

IoTAA participants have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of IoT initiatives and events, with the opportunity to provide input into the future direction and growth of IoT in Australia.

Membership consists of Board members, Executive Council members and volunteer worksteam participants.

Membership of the Board is by nomination and acceptance of the Executive Council. Membership on the Executive Council is by invitation and incurs an annual membership fee.

Participation in the workstreams is free, but requires time and attention.