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1 Collaboration

2 Smart Industries

3 Data Use, Access & Privacy

4 Spectrum

5 Cyber security

6 IoT Start-Up

7 Platforms & Interoperability

With over 400 member organisations, and over 700 individual participants across seven workstreams the IOTAA is the peak body representing IoT in Australia

We see a thriving future for Australia and the world by connecting data, devices, people, processes and things to the internet to create unparalleled opportunities. It helps people make better and more informed decisions to get the best possible outcomes and ultimately helps to boost Australia’s future success, productivity and economy.

Now is the time for industry and government to seize the opportunities for economic growth and social benefit.

“The worldwide IoT market spend will grow from US$591.7bn in 2014 to US $1.3tn in 2019 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17%” — IDC Worldwide Internet of Things Market Forecast Update, 2015-2019

IoT Alliance Australia Workstreams

There are 7 IoT workstreams run by some 500 volunteers who are part of the IoTAA.

The 7 workstreams are:

  1. Collaboration
  2. Smart Cities & Industries
  3. Data Use, Access & Privacy
  4. Spectrum Availability & Licensing
  5. Cyber security  & Network Resilience
  6. IoT Start-Up Innovation
  7. Platforms & Interoperability

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Key IOTAA partners

The IoT Alliance Australia is supported by:

Knowledge Economy Institute (KEi) at 


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